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At the ITT Technical Institutes, we are committed to helping men and women develop the skills and knowledge to pursue many opportunities in fields involving technology.

The ITT Technical Institutes offer an education that can be used in some of today's fastest growing career fields, including electronics, web development, computer programming, computer networking, and computer drafting and design.

Find out more about our Information Technology Programs.

  At ITT Tech, we understand the importance of your future. If you would like to find out if an ITT Tech education is right for you, schedule a campus visit.

You can tour the school, check out the labs, meet with financial aid personnel, and see for yourself why ITT Tech is a leading provider of technology education. Simply click here to schedule your campus visit.

A high-tech career can begin with a high-tech education. Request a brochure today!

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Technology Focused
Emphasis is placed on helping you begin to develop skills and knowledge in technical areas that can have practical value in the workplace. Besides technical instruction, the programs of study offered at ITT Tech focus on helping you develop problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills.

Convenient Class Schedules
Many programs at ITT Tech offer the same class schedule every week, which can help make it easier for you to work and meet the other demands of life.

Year-Round Classes
The programs at ITT Tech continue year-round. This helps you to complete your education and enter the work force sooner. Depending on student enrollment, new classes generally begin each quarter in most programs.

Advisory Committee
Each area of study at each ITT Technical Institute has a local advisory committee comprised of people representing area businesses. The input from these committees helps the ITT Technical Institute offer an education that is relevant to the needs of employers.


Learn & Apply
Unlike many traditional colleges, where students spend most of their time listening to lectures in most programs, ITT Tech students also spend considerable time in the lab, where they are encouraged to apply what was taught in the classroom and see for themselves how, why and what makes things work.

Career Services
At an ITT Technical Institute, career preparation begins long before graduation. Assistance is offered on job-seeking and job-keeping skills and techniques. In addition, you are advised of entry-level job openings and interview opportunities.

We understand the importance of students in most programs being able to benefit from a hands-on learning environment by using equipment that is similar to what is used in industry.

Each ITT Technical Institute is either authorized or licensed by the state in which it is located and is accredited by or in the process of seeking accreditation from an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. All ITT Technical Institutes (except in some instances the most recently opened institutes) are eligible to participate in the federal student financial aid programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, and as administered by the U.S. Department of Education.



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