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Construction Management (Online Program)
Bachelor of Science
(Tennessee residents will receive a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree.)

This program covers the fundamentals and offers a foundation in construction management, construction techniques and legal issues relating to the construction management field. Areas of study include building codes, site construction and measurement, construction documents, construction project management and construction safety management. The goal of the program is to help the student acquire skills that can be used to enter the workplace and be a versatile member of a construction team.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of this program may begin their careers in a variety of entry-level positions involving construction estimating, construction safety, construction project management or building code compliance.

Graduates who have difficulty distinguishing colors may not be able to perform the essential functions of various positions involving construction management.

Admission Requirements
Refer to the Admission section of this catalog for information relating to Admission Requirements and Procedures for this program.

Online Courses
All of the courses offered at the school in this program are distance education courses and are taught online over the Internet, rather than in residence at the school. Each course will be taught over a period of either (a) six weeks or (b) 12 weeks, as determined by the school from time to time in its discretion. Courses are delivered through an asynchronous learning network. There is a prescribed completion schedule for the activities in each course. Support materials for each course will be sent to the student. These materials may include a course syllabus, a textbook(s), a CD-ROM(s) and other printed documents required for the course. Students will be assigned to a class for each course. Students in each course will interact with their classmates and the instructor through discussion board and e-mail systems.

Online Student Preparation - Prior to starting any of the online courses in this program, the student is encouraged to complete the online student preparation, which describes the protocols that the student must follow when taking an online course.

School Equipment
The student is responsible, at his or her expense, for providing all supplies and equipment for the students use in the online courses in the program, including, without limitation, a computer (and the associated accessories and peripheral equipment, including without limitation, a monitor, keyboard and printer), software and Internet service and e-mail account.

Computer, Software Requirements and Specifications and Internet Service
The student must have access to a computer (and the associated accessories and peripheral equipment), software and Internet service that satisfy the following specifications:

Minimum Requirements for Computer: Pentium IV or equivalent PC-compatible (MacIntosh or Unix-based machines are not supported), 512MB RAM (1GB preferred), CD-ROM, 5GB free space (10GB preferred) on master hard drive.

Minimum Requirements for Software: Windows XP or 2000 (or higher), Microsoft Office Professional 2003 (or higher), Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher), and functional e-mail address with file attachment capabilities. The student will be required to obtain any software tools, plug-ins and/or applications identified in the course syllabus for any course in the program of study.

Minimum Requirements for Internet Service: 56Kb modem (Cable or DSL connection strongly preferred). The student is obligated for any expense associated with obtaining access to the above specified computer equipment, software and Internet service. No school-owned computer equipment, software or Internet service will be accessible to the student.

Class Size
Classes generally range in size from15 to 25 students. Depending on the course subject matter, certain classes may contain a greater or lesser number of students.

Program Outline

To view a list of the course descriptions, please click here.

Course Credit
  General Education Courses  
Unspecified General Education courses++ 24
EG371 Research Methods+ 4
EG372 Written Analysis+ 4
EG381 Statistics+ 4
EG452 Economics and Change+ 4
EG462 Contemporary World Culture+ 4
EG468 Ethics+ 4
EG481 Environmental Issues+ 4
GE364 Art Appreciation+ 4
Subtotal 56
  Core Courses  
Unspecified Core courses** 56
CM310 Commercial Construction Methods+ 4
CM320 Principles of Building Construction Management+ 4
CM330 Statics and Strength of Materials+ 4
CM340 Building Codes+ 4
CM350 Site Construction and Measurement+ 4
CM420 Construction Documents and Contracts+ 4
CM430 Mechanical Systems+ 4
CM440 Construction Project Scheduling+ 4
CM450 Cost Estimating and Analysis+ 4
CM470 Legal Issues in Construction+ 4
CM480 Construction Safety Management+ 4
CM490 Capstone Project+ 4
EC311 Introduction to Project Management+ 4
Subtotal 108
  Elective Courses  
Unspecified Elective courses 16
  Minimum required credit hours for the Baccalaureate Degree (Grand Total) 180

NOTE: The course descriptions for the courses in this program are in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog. The school may, at any time in its discretion, vary the sequence of courses in this program, revise the curriculum content of the program or any course in the program and change the number of credit hours in the program or in any program course.

P This course is eligible for The President's Scholarship. Refer to the Institutional Scholarships section of the catalog for further information.

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