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Business Accounting Technology


Accounting professionals play an important role in many successful businesses. One of the contributions is collecting and analyzing data used by management for business planning.

Accounting professionals can draw on a wealth of technical resources. They can create databases to mine and analyze meaningful data. They can interpret financial data and statements using Business Intelligence tools, Enterprise Resource Planning applications and data integration technologies. They can use Internet technologies and financial electronic commerce as tools in the accounting process and in the context of accounting cycles. Today's accounting professionals use technical knowledge to perform even the most basic day-to-day tasks in today's digital marketplace.


The ITT Technical Institutes are one of America's leading providers of technology education in the United States. It used that experience to develop a program that blends business and technology in a way that's relevant to prospective employers. Areas of study in the program range from fundamentals in computing to database development and applications to courses that explore how business functions in a contemporary global, information and technical environment.

The Business Accounting Technology program can help students develop knowledge and skills that they can use to prepare for a business accounting career and pursue entry-level positions in fields involving accounting or finance. Graduates can develop knowledge and skills to work in such areas as management advisory services, income tax and auditing, budgeting, cost accounting, financial analysis and general accounting.

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