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Software Development

The ITT Technical Institutes offer a variety of career-focused curricula. This brochure helps describe the bachelor degree program in Software Development1 offered in the School of Information Technology2.


This program exposes students to a variety of skills utilized in entry-level software design and development. Students will be exposed to various programming skills applicable to software applications, Web applications and mobile applications design and development for businesses and consumers.


The Software Development program of study in the School of Information Technology at ITT Technical Institute is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills they can use to pursue entry-level positions involving general computer software applications and mobile applications development. The coursework includes a focus on practical programming techniques and problem-solving skills. Areas of study include logical analysis and design, object-oriented programming and relational databases, programming languages and development tools, application development processes and environments, Web scripting and programming, Web services and applications, software development lifecycles, and business and ethical impacts on software development practices.

1This bachelors degree program includes courses that may be taught either completely in residence at the school, completely online over the Internet as a distance education course or partially in residence and partially online, as determined by the school from time to time in its discretion. This program is not offered at all ITT Technical Institutes. Please refer to the specific ITT Technical Institutes school catalog for a complete list of the programs offered at the institute and which courses in each program may be taught in residence and partially online.

2Not every institute has every school of study or offers all of the programs within a particular school of study. Please refer to the specific ITT Technical Institute catalog for details on the schools of study and programs of study offered at that institute.

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