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Criminal Justice


Popular culture thrills us with portrayals of local, state and federal enforcement agencies, crime scene investigators and detectives who solve complicated crimes using their powers of deduction and sophisticated technology. However, these are only some of the more high-profile jobs in the field of criminal justice. Criminal Justice professionals work in a variety of positions, both in the public eye and behind the scenes.


The Criminal Justice program of study1 at the ITT Technical Institutes teaches fundamentals of the criminal justice system and criminal justice skills. The program offers a foundation in criminal law, legal procedures, criminal evidence and criminology. Areas of study include law enforcement, the courts and corrections. The upper-level courses include more in-depth study of the criminal justice systems, along with instruction in areas such as criminalistics, victimology and computer forensics.

Graduates of this program may pursue career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving criminal justice, including parole and probation, corrections and court systems. The program also offers the academic preparation to pursue entry-level positions in a broad spectrum of criminal justice careers in the private sector involving workplace security, private investigations and insurance investigations as private detectives, safety officers and security patrol officers.

1 This program of study may not qualify a graduate for a career in law enforcement involving employment as a police officer or agent by federal, state, county, local or municipal authorities. An applicant must contact the applicable governmental authority prior to beginning the program at the school to determine if there are any specific requirements and/or qualifications that a candidate must satisfy to be eligible for employment as a police officer or agent by that authority. Those requirements and/or qualifications may include, among other things, that a candidate must: (a) successfully complete an academy or other specialized training; (b) be younger than a certain age; (c) pass a physical, mental and/or personality examination; (d) pass a background check; (e) not have a criminal record; (f) be a graduate from an institution that is regionally accredited (as opposed to nationally accredited, such as ITT Technical Institute); (g) complete a certain number of credit hours or a certain type of degree program at an accredited postsecondary educational institution; (h) have served a certain number of years in the military; (i) have a certain number of years of prior law enforcement experience; (j) be a U.S. citizen and/or a resident of the governmental authority's jurisdiction; (k) have earned a bachelor or graduate degree in certain areas of study; and/or (l) have a valid driver's license.

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