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Industrial Automation Engineering Technology


American industry is under constant pressure to find new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. As a result, companies continue to implement technologies, such as robotics, process control, computers and factory automation, in order to enhance productivity.

Industrial automation, computer-assisted manufacturing and robotics have opened new fields in the planning, installation and service of automated equipment and systems. Many industrial companies are improving their production and processing operations by incorporating changing technology.


People who have industrial automation skills and knowledge can perform a variety of functions. They can help make factories more efficient in the use of personnel, materials and machines. They can also have responsibilities for workflow and analyzing production. Some may be involved in the design, development and testing of new manufacturing techniques and systems.

The Industrial Automation Engineering Technology program is designed to help graduates develop knowledge and skills associated with many areas of industrial automation. Among the types of job tasks that graduates may apply skills taught in this program are: process planning, tool engineering, inventory control, quality control, plant engineering, plant maintenance, manufacturing methods, value analysis, and manufacturing research and development.

Graduates of this program may pursue career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving industrial automation, such as technical sales representative, automation technician, machine technician, manufacturing technician, service technician, process control technician, field service technician and production maintenance technician.

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