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Information Systems Security


Consumers, businesses and government rely on the Internet and web services for information and communications. Managing the transfer of data and access to it requires reliability, privacy and security in cyberspace. In our digital world, an attack on one computer may affect multiple systems. Unauthorized access may result in financial loss, the release of confidential information, damages to computer systems, costly staff time to restore operations and diminished reputation.

Organizations use systems security professionals to design, configure, implement, manage, support and secure reliable computer systems. The responsibilities of professionals in this field have increased in recent years as cyber attacks have become more sophisticated.1 Employees with skills and knowledge in systems security have become part of many information technology infrastructure teams.


With the growing use of electronic data comes a growing need for privacy and security in cyberspace. The damage caused by unauthorized access can be considerable and include: loss of funds due to fraud, loss of confidential information, damage to computer systems, staff time and expense to restore operations, embarrassing changes to websites by cyber vandalism and diminished reputation.

Businesses and governments use systems security professionals who can help design, configure, implement, manage, support and secure computer systems. Employees with knowledge of information systems security are now considered to be an important part of many information technology infrastructure teams.

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 edition.

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