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A leading private postsecondary education provider offering career-focused programs of study, the ITT Technical Institutes have been serving the higher education community in the United States since 1969.

The six schools of study at the ITT Technical Institutes feature career-focused degree programs emphasizing skills and knowledge that can be used to pursue employment opportunities in today's world.1

Most campus-based programs2 blend traditional academic content with applied learning concepts, devoting significant time to practical study in a lab environment. Advisory committees, comprised of representatives from local businesses and employers, help each ITT Technical Institute periodically assess and update curricula, equipment and laboratory design.

ITT Tech also offers online programs of study in addition to its more 130 schools in 38 states. ITT Tech serves more than 50,000 students.

Students attend classes year round, and day and evening class sessions are typically available, depending on student enrollment.

1 Not all ITT Technical Institutes have all six schools of study. Please refer to the school catalog of the specific ITT Technical Institute for the schools of study at that particular institute.

2 Not all ITT Technical Institutes offer Bachelor degree programs, and not all ITT Technical Institutes that offer Bachelor degree programs offer all of the Bachelor degree programs. Not all ITT Technical Institutes offer all of the Associate degree programs. Please refer to the particular ITT Technical Institute's school catalog for a complete listing of the programs of study offered at that institute.

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