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Visual Communications
Associate in Specialized Technology Degree

The purpose of this program is to help students prepare for entry-level positions in visual communications related professions. The curriculum of the program consists of a foundation core of design and general education courses, followed by studies in multimedia applications. The Visual Communications program can help graduates prepare to perform tasks associated with designing and creating interactive multimedia communications and print communications. Additional curriculum topics, investigated through classroom and laboratory experiences, include graphic design, multimedia applications and other related technical subjects.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of this program may pursue careers in a variety of entry-level positions involving the design and production of digital media, print media and a variety of applications used in corporate and public communications.

Graduates who have difficulty distinguishing colors may not be able to perform the essential functions of various positions involving visual communications.

Admission Requirements
Refer to the Admission section of this catalog for information relating to Admission Requirements and Procedures for this program.

School Equipment
Students will have the opportunity to use the following school equipment as required throughout the program: computer systems, video cameras, printers and other common computer peripherals. Refer to Student Equipment in the Online Course Information section of this catalog for information relating to the student equipment requirements for the distance education courses that are taught online over the Internet.

Class Size
Classes generally range in size from 20 to 40 students. Depending on the course subject matter, certain classes may contain a greater or lesser number of students.

Program Outline

To view a list of the course descriptions, please click here.

Course Credit
  General Education Courses  
GE117P Composition I+ 4
GE127P College Mathematics I+ 4
GE184P Problem Solving+ 4
GE192P College Mathematics II+ 4
GE217P Composition II+ 4
GE347P Group Dynamics+ 4
GE364P Art Appreciation+ 4
Subtotal 28
  Core Courses  
CD140P Rapid Visualization 4
IT107P Instructional Design 4
IT212P Broadcast Graphics 4
IT309P Animation I 4
IT310P Audio/Video Techniques 4
IT311P Animation II 4
VC100P Introduction to Design 4
VC110P Typography 4
VC130P Digital Type and Image Manipulation 4
VC210P Modeling in 3D 4
VC215P Interactive Communication Design 4
VC220P Graphic Design Production Processes 4
VC230P Digital Prepress 4
VC240P Visual Design for the Web 4
VC250P Design Project 4
Subtotal 60
  Technical Basic Courses  
TB133P Strategies for the Technical Professional+ 4
TB332P Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development+ 4
Subtotal 8
  Program Total 96

NOTE: The course descriptions for the courses in this program are in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog. The school may, at any time in its discretion, vary the sequence of courses in this program, revise the curriculum content of the program or any course in the program and change the number of credit hours in the program or in any program course.

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