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Casey Clinton

In November 1997, Casey Clinton graduated from the ITT Technical Institute located in Greenville, South Carolina with an associate's degree in Computer-Aided Drafting Technology. Soon after graduation, Casey began her career with Nucor Building Systems in Swansea, South Carolina as a detailer (draftsperson). A year later, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia for a design position with SleepTec.

Wanting to return to South Carolina, Casey was again employed by Nucor Building Systems where she was promoted to a Customer Service Representative six months later. Her responsibilities had grown from drafting to overseeing the projects of five territories. Casey's job consisted of coordinating customer needs with project and contractor work schedules to ensure customer satisfaction. Recently, Casey was promoted to Customer Service Group Leader responsible for training and supervising the Customer Service Representatives.

"My degree has helped me in attaining my career by making me set my goals as high as possible," said Casey. "I knew that after I earned my degree I felt I could accomplish anything. I think more than the degree, the experiences I had while getting my degree are what helped me mature the most."

To date, Casey has increased her salary upon graduation 121% through her hard work and the skills she developed while attending ITT Tech. In addition, Casey has been an active member of the Computer Drafting and Design advisory committee at the Greenville ITT Tech and has appeared as a guest speaker at a Greenville ITT Technical Institute commencement ceremony.

When asked to evaluate her experiences at ITT Tech, she said, "My experience at ITT Tech was great. I enjoyed having a regular schedule of classes. I was able to work part-time and go to school at the same time without being overloaded. The instructors were wonderful and always helpful."

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