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David A. Wilson

David Wilson graduated in September 2001 with an associate's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from the ITT Technical Institute in Thornton, Colorado.

David had earned a bachelor's degree in biology and worked for 12 years in the commercial apiculture field when he decided he needed a career change.

"Technology and electronics are my interests so I looked into what education I needed to get into these fields," said Wilson. "I also wanted to attend a national school with notoriety everywhere so when I looked for employment the employer would know what caliber of education I received."

When asked why he felt a career in technology was important, David said, "Technology is the future, there's no question about it. Technology seems to be driving everything.”

Currently, David is an Associate Engineer with Ball Aerospace & Technology Corporation. He supports an electrical engineering staff of about 60 and is involved in electronic design. His company provides best value and innovative solutions to domestic and international businesses in the defense and commercial arenas. It also supports national policy-makers, the military services, NASA, and other U.S. Government agencies, as well as numerous aerospace industry allies.

"Everything we do is going into space," says David, "whether it's a satellite or a space mission. With our product, I have the opportunity to work along side physicists and scientists, in addition to engineers and technicians; it's fascinating work."

When asked if choosing ITT Tech helped him prepare for his career choice, he says, "ITT Tech definitely gave me the tools I have needed to succeed. The combination of theory and the application through practice has helped me feel comfortable whether I'm sitting at my desk designing or working with a prototype in the lab."

David's life has changed since he decided to pursue a technical career path. "I used to be a single guy living by a [fish farm] swamp, working practically everyday. Now I am engaged to be married, have a job I really enjoy and get to spend time doing the things I enjoy with my family."


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