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Jackie Ahasteen

In December 2000, Jackie Ahasteen graduated from the ITT Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Prior to enrolling at ITT Tech, Jackie was a chiropractic assistant. She decided to go back to school to further her career.

"I was working as a chiropractic assistant and it wasn't paying enough. As a single parent, I felt I had to further my career," says Jackie. "Because of the technology today, I chose ITT Tech."

After visiting the campus and touring the labs, Jackie set her goals toward completing a degree in electronics engineering technology.

Jackie added, "I really enjoyed the hands-on labs. You go in there and you get stuff done... like putting circuits together, powering up equipment and seeing your equipment work."

Jackie is an Applications Engineer with Abnet, Applied Computing. She builds prototypes, tests them and finds solutions for any problems with them She writes up procedures for the product and production line and oversees the construction of the product.

Jackie found the challenges of attending school, working full-time and being a single parent to be manageable. She said, "I had a lot of fun...and when I got home, I had laundry and everything like that. I enjoyed my time, and I look forward to going back to pursuing additional education."

When asked how ITT Tech changed her life, she said, " ITT Tech helped me prepare for a lot personally, physically and mentally. They helped me prepare for this field, and I don't regret going to school at all. I have no regrets about sacrificing some 'free-time' while pursuing my degree. I'm very happy with my decision."

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