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Jill Larsen

In December 2001, Jill Larsen graduated from the ITT Technical Institute located in Richardson, Texas, with an associate's degree in Computer Network Systems Technology (CNST).

Jill became interested in computer networks because she wanted a career where she could help teach people. "When I started working with computers, I found that the more I learned the more I wanted to know," she says.

Jill is currently an Assistant Coordinator and Trainer supporting new software for MedQuist, a nationwide company that works with hospitals and doctors on their medical transcription needs. She enjoys supporting and helping people around her. "I love the unique challenges I face everyday, and best of all, I am applying what I learned at ITT Technical Institute in my 'real-life' business environment," says Jill.

When asked if she had encountered any obstacles in her field she said, "ITT Tech showed me that what some people call 'obstacles' are really opportunities; so I haven't been faced with anything I can't overcome with a little patience and time."

Jill added, "Computer Networking is a great field with many opportunities. Working with new technology is exciting and rewarding. What really matters in this field is what your abilities are, not your gender."

After attending several traditional colleges, Jill realized she needed something different to meet her needs. She knew a few friends who had attended ITT Tech and talked to them about their experience. "They all said they enjoyed the challenging curriculum, small classes and hands-on lab. I couldn't pass it up."

When asked if her degree has assisted her in attaining her career goals, Jill had this to say...."My degree gave me the confidence to apply for my position. It also helped to begin to prepare me for the corporate world."

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