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Jenneé Pool

In 1998, Jenneé Pool graduated from the ITT Technical Institute located in Phoenix, Arizona, with a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. Jenneé is currently a Network Engineer, level III, with the Sprint Global Communications Company.

When Jenneé first came to the school to enroll, she had been out of the military for six months. She was having a hard time finding a decent job and was struggling to support herself and her two children on $6.00 an hour.

Jenneé said, "I knew that I was capable of doing the more professional jobs I had applied for, but the employers didn't think so because all of my experience was in the Army - I had no higher education."

Jenneé decided that she was the only one who could change her situation. She made what was admittedly "a scary" decision to enroll in classes at ITT Technical Institute. Her goal was to get an education that would enable her to get a job that was challenging enough for her to enjoy.

Jenneé tells us more...
"At ITT Technical Institute, the instructors were great. They had hands-on experience, shared it with us, and loved what they did. I liked not being 'just a number.' And the schedule was flexible! I had two jobs, was a single mother of two children AND successfully finished the program!"

"I use my education every day. Without it, it would have taken me a lot longer to get where I am. I was able to go to my employer and say 'I know how to do this' and show them the degree to prove it."

Jenneé today...
"I just received my first promotion and third pay increase since working for my current employer. With my recent promotion, I am looking forward to my newest challenge in my dream career, as a Technical Assistance Consultant for Sprint's Interactive Toll Free and prepaid Calling Card Platform."

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