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Luis Bahena

Luis Bahena graduated in June 2000 with an associate's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from the ITT Technical Institute in Torrance, CA.

After high school, Luis worked as a sales person for an alarm company. His interest in electronics began there when he observed technicians installing systems and wanted to be able to help them. This is what prompted him to attend ITT Tech and change his career path.

Luis has done exceptionally well. He has experienced an above average level of success. When asked how his life had changed since graduating from ITT Tech, Luis said "I've loved every job that I've worked on and the increase in income has allowed me to pay off my student loans within two years and I am planning on purchasing a house this year."

Currently, Luis is a Telecommunications Technician with AT&T. He works on Internet, voice and data fiber optic connections. He enjoys traveling to different cities for training and work. He plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in the future.

When asked if choosing ITT Tech was a good decision, he says, "It was good. I liked the classes, the environment and my instructors. I was especially impressed with how the instructors would take extra time to help me, sometimes on a weekend or their lunch, if I needed it. I made the right choice."

Luis added that his time in the labs helped him to understand how to apply the theory discussed in class. "I felt that if you combined the classroom experience with the equipment, you gained more knowledge," says Luis.

"When I graduated high school, I didn't even know what a goal was, I learned that at ITT Tech," said Luis. "You have to know what you want to be in life and really work for it."

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