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Lance Timmsen

Lance Timmsen graduated in 1995 with an associate's degree in Computer Aided Drafting Technology (CAD) from the ITT Technical Institute in Phoenix, AZ.

Prior to enrolling at ITT Tech, Timmsen worked in construction. He had attended other colleges, but felt they lacked personal attention and didn't fit the direction he was looking for.

"ITT Tech offered a family atmosphere where they knew who you were and they communicated with you individually, while other colleges I have attended didn't offer that," says Timmsen. "The education that I've received at ITT Tech has enabled me to continue to further my education as well as accelerate my income and professional responsibilities."

When asked about his classroom experience, he said, "One instructor worked in the industry as a CAD specialist and manager and brought with him practical knowledge. He took it beyond the required curriculum and taught us about things he has learned in the professional world and helped us connect what we learned in the classroom with 'real-world' applications."

Another aspect of his classroom experience he enjoyed was the smaller class sizes.

"It was easy for instructors to circle around and help us," he says. "They were able to better monitor our progress and assisted us in any areas in which we needed help and urged us to continue in our development. I think it was a real help."

"In addition to my courses at ITT Tech, I felt more prepared for the job market through final projects and the assistance of Career Services."

Timmsen designs electronic security systems for large buildings as well as physical secure portions of justice facilities, correctional and detention centers, jails and prisons across the country for Durrant Architects. He has also hired four other ITT Tech graduates to work for Durrat Architects.

"I plan to continue my education and ITT Tech has provided me with a strong foundation to help me reach my professional goals," said Timmsen.

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