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Mary Wing

Mary Wing graduated in June 2002 with an associate's degree in Computer Network Systems (CNS) from the ITT Technical Institute in West Covina, California.

Mary worked in the marketing field for over 10 years when she decided to go back to school. "When I was in my 20's my job was great, but I started thinking who's going to hire me when I'm 40,45 doing the same thing? I thought I have to do something that would allow me to find employment wherever I go."

After hearing about ITT Tech from friend, she came in to interview and take the admission test. She started classes two weeks later.

"I have three children so I needed a program that was convenient," says Mary. "I knew that I had to act really quickly and the time frame was perfect. It was a two-year program that fit into my lifestyle."

When asked about her lab classes, Mary said, "I absolutely need the labs and usually you don't have them. You just get theory and I'm more of a hands-on person, so when I started that type of training at ITT Tech that made everything fit together for me."

Mary compliments the teachers at ITT Tech with dedication and knowledge. "I've had teachers come in during their own free-time to go over material I didn’t understand. When I was setting up the network at my job, I had one of my teachers come to my work to look at it just to make sure everything was right. You can really count on them to go the extra mile for you."

Mary is still employed by the collision center where she had been the marketing manager. She is now the network administrator for the company. The company is currently expanding to another location and Mary will be setting up the network and doing all the upgrades. She's also setting up a virtual network for the company owners to have access to the network from home.


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