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Scott Schuman

Scott Shuman graduated in September 2001 with an associate's degree in Computer Network Systems (CNS) from the ITT Technical Institute in Anaheim, California.

Scott was working on a degree in English at a four-year university when he changed his mind and decided to pursue an associate's degree in CNS at ITT Tech.

"I didn't really know what I wanted to do," Scott said. "I wanted a career where I could continue to grow and be challenged. I need to grow to be happy."

Having an interest in computers led Scott to consider ITT Tech for his educational needs. "I made the right decision [to attend ITT Tech] because this is where I need to be to accomplish my goals. When I started attending ITT Tech, I realized that networking is a profession where I could be challenged and grow; that was it for me."

He confirmed that he made the right choice when during his first quarter he struggled with a logic course. "I asked a teacher for help and he did everything he could to help me understand the material, including staying late and coming in on a Saturday. The staff at ITT Tech is great about doing whatever it takes to help you succeed."

When asked if studying networking was beneficial, Scott said, "I think it's good because I have so many ways I can go with the company I am working for."

"When I started my job, I didn't have a lot of technical experience, but my company was comfortable in my training and education at ITT Tech and decided to take a chance on me."

Scott is currently a computer technician with a small computer company. He is partly responsible for the entire company network and also does inside sales.


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