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Tamara Sanders

Tamara Sanders
Cell Technician
Cricket Communications
A service of Leap Wireless International, Inc.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Tamara received an associate's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in 2000 from the ITT Technical Institute in Knoxville, Tennessee.

How did Tamara decide to attend ITT Technical Institute? "I was not really looking for a certain school, but I knew that I have always wanted to further my education, and I have always been interested in technology and how it works."

Her interest in technology paid off when she was hired to maintain the multi-functional cabinets that are the hub of cellular technology. "Everything goes through the cabinets-the antenna, the calls, the amplifier-everything." So if one of her 36 sites malfunctions, she's right on top of it. "I function as a troubleshooter. I can monitor the activity on my laptop to know if I have to go on site for a repair. My courses from school really helped me prepare for the responsibilities of my job. The system we work with to repair our equipment is computer-based, so my computer course has really paid off.

"My job is exactly what I was looking for. It offers me daily hands-on training, the ability to work from home and great benefits and perks. And my co-workers are an extra bonus!" she adds.

Her career advice: "The technology field is an excellent career choice. When developing a career in technology, be sure to research your particular area of interest. The more you know about a particular field, such as communications, the better prepared you will be in your job search. You also will be more knowledgeable when it comes to the interviewing process."

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