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Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities available in computer and technology careers.

The Information Technology Association of America’s “When can you start?” survey, released in April of 2001, projected a demand for more than 900,000 skilled information technology workers in 2001. This survey also predicted that the greatest need for tech employees in three to five years should be in careers related to computer networking and web development.

Stephanie Taylor, career services development specialist for the national offices of ITT Technical Institutes said, “Today’s job seekers are entering a different labor scene than the dot-com days of 2000, yet opportunities continue for people who can demonstrate their worth to employers in a rapidly changing environment.”

The December 2000 salary survey also referenced the continuing demand for skilled technology professionals as one of the main reasons that salaries in technology fields have risen for women to almost the same levels as their male counterparts. surveyed over 106,000 individuals before determining that women’s technology salaries are within $5,100 of their male counterparts at all career levels. According to this study, recent female graduates with one to two years of job experience actually averaged slightly higher salaries than recent male graduates employed at the same level..

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