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Recommended Web Sites for Young Women or Parents

Engineer Girl

This web site is designed to help girls and young women turn their imagination into reality with a future in engineering. The site offers career facts, education tips, lists of great achievements, and provides an interactive module to ask questions of current engineers.

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A non-profit organization founded in Austin, Texas which encourages and empowers girls in mathematics, science, technology and engineering.

Expect the Best from a Girl

This web site profiles a number of mental skills and characteristics that girls and boys can share with similar coaching and provides helpful information for parents to help their daughters excel.


A web site featuring an excellent list of national and regional links to technology programs designed just for girls. The site features activities sponsored through agencies such as the YWCA, Girls Incorporated and the Backyard Project.

Figure This!

Presents math challenges for families by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education. Targets junior high aged girls.

Design Your Future

PRIVATE"Design Your Future: Math, Science, and Technology for Girls" is an initiative that was launched by Autodesk in October, 1997 and is championed by Autodesk Chairman and CEO Carol Bartz.

Design Your Future Website
This rich, engaging site, designed and maintained by High School interns who are women provides links to other sites that share their vision and introduces girls to role models and other resources.

Design Your Future Toolkit
Whether you're helping girls or any other group underrepresented in the technology professions, the Design Your Future Toolkit contains a wealth of information to help you start your own programs.

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Recommended Web Sites for Women:

Binary Girl

A web site designed to share knowledge with those interested in learning more about technology through an interactive community of women. The site includes a job profile section, job classifieds, “techie” toy profiles, jargon defininitions, tech resources and the latest news.

Wired Woman

An online interactive community that encourages women to explore job opportunities in technology and to build successful computer careers.


An online community for web designers, developers and programmers that publishes new content weekly through its online newsletter.

Institute for Women and Technology

This site is dedicated to gathering individuals committed to changing the world for women in technology careers. Programs are designed to promote the mission in unique ways that benefit specific communities. The site also features a Virtual Development Center.

Center for Women and Information Technology

This web site was established to encourage women to become more involved with information technology. The Center offers many resources on its web site, including extensive news coverage of women and IT, announcements of relevant conferences and calls for papers, a bibliography of books about women and IT, and more.

Association for Women in Computing

A non-profit national technology organization that promotes the advancement of women across all computing professions.

Association for Women in Mathematics

This non-profit organization is dedicated to encouraging women and girls in the mathematical sciences. This site includes information about a mentor network.

Women in Technology International

This professional organization offers online resources including newsletters, leadership profiles, conferences and a special site for young women. This is a good site for current statistics relating to all computer industries.

American Association of University Women

This site offers numerous resources for career-oriented women including a recent “Tech-Savvy” study that addresses educating girls in the news computer age.

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